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1). HELP STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY & SUFFERING. This section tells you of numerous different ways you can help stop animal suffering, many of which you won’t know about. Many ways are free or low cost. They can be fun, take very little time and effort, and there is something to suit everyone. The section also tells you the most effective way to report animal cruelty you see on the web. Only turning your outrage at animal cruelty into ACTION can help stop it.

2). TYPES OF ANIMAL CRUELTY. This section features pages exposing many different forms of animal cruelty all over the world, some of which you may not be familiar with. It reveals shocking and horrifying facts that industries, countries, companies and Governments try their best to keep hidden. (Warning: graphic content).

4). BUY FUNDRAISING CHARITY CARDS & GOODS. In this section you can help save animals from suffering by purchasing from a wide range of fund-raising greetings cards, as well as gifts, and other items.

5). SAVE A PET. This section focuses on issues surrounding companion animals / pets. Among it’s pages, it explores the huge problem of Pet Abandonment, the many horrifying dangers of advertising pets free to a good home or for a low cost, and explains the safest way to re-home pets.
There is the truth about so called dangerous dogs, and about bad breeders who cause a life time of pain and bad health to dogs, as well as heart break & huge expense to their owners, all because of their irresponsible breeding practices for profit.
This section also contains information about adopting, fostering and sponsoring animals. It also gives you access to animals available for adoption (and possible fostering and sponsoring) at rescues all across the UK & US. Find your perfect pet at a rescue near you! You can learn of where to find almost any breed of dog to adopt.

“The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can still do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.” ~Mark Twain, What Is Man, 1906



In the ANIMAL RESCUE AUCTIONS And Other Fund-Raisers HAPPENING ON FACEBOOK NOW group on Facebook, you can find many online fund-raisers, run by many different animal rescues, which you can take part in to help save animals from suffering.

The link above takes you to the Photo Albums section on the group, where the fund raisers are in the different albums, according to when they finish, or whether they are rolling/ongoing.

There are auctions and sales where you can find anything from low priced gifts for friends and family or items for yourself, through to hand made items, right up to fantastic foreign holidays or UK breaks.

There are draws and scratch card events with fabulous prizes, various competitions, and more.

I buy most of my presents for family and friends from the auctions, and tell them that the best thing about their present is that the money for it went towards saving animals from suffering.

People taking part in these fund raisers are often the only thing that keeps many of these animal rescues running.

It is a lovely online community to get involved with.


Across the world, millions of healthy, problem free, loving, adoptable pets of all ages are put to death at pounds and shelters every year. This is due to people abandoning them and people buying newly bred puppies, kittens and other pets, and breeding them for profit, instead of adopting existing ones that need homes. This results in the pounds, shelters and rescues having no room for more abandoned pets, so putting existing adoptable pets to death is the only way they can make room.

Millions of the newly bred puppies are bought from pet shops and other sellers supplied by cruel puppy mills, (where the breeding dogs are essentially abused terribly until they die), helping this abusive trade thrive.

Animals are not generally in pounds and shelters because they have problems. It is usually because people who buy puppies and kittens have not planned ahead for any circumstances they might face in life, or because the pet took more of their time and effort than they expected.

The vast majority of pets in shelters and pounds are there because the owner was irresponsible and used little forethought when they got the pet in the first place. Rather than admitting this, people often make a reason for dumping the pet up, even saying the dog bites, which signs many innocent dogs death warrants.

Other people can be quite blunt about how the pet is of no more use to them (some breeders, hunters, dog racers, and people who show their dogs at pedigree dog shows), and they cannot see the point of spending money on looking after them when they do not serve their purpose any longer. The lucky ones of these dogs are taken to a no kill rescue, but many sadly dispose of them in more convenient – and cruel – ways.

Find out more in the Save A Pet section.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” ~ Edmund Burke

Rescue kitten kiss on Animal Rights Action
Rescue kitten kiss on Aid Animals


It is the belief that, because animals feel pain and fear just like humans do, they deserve the right to the same protection from those things as humans.


All the creatures on the earth, humans included, share the planet. As much as humans behave like they are the owners of the planet, they are not.

One of the main characteristics that makes humans different to other animals is our conscience. This gives us the ability to make moral and ethical choices.

We therefore have a responsibility to make the right ethical choices. It is obviously ethically and morally wrong to exploit other animals, to cause them pain and distress, and make them suffer for our selfish gain.

Instead, humans should use intelligence they are blessed with to find a way for humans to exist harmoniously along side all other creatures.


Animal rights activists can be split in to a number of categories, including the following:

ANIMAL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS: These people make up the majority of animal activists. They campaign against animal abuse and try to bring change by lobbying Government politicians, and using petitions, email / letter writing campaigns, boycotts, protests and demonstrations, etc. Find many more ways in the How To Help Stop Animal Cruelty and Sufferingsection of this site.

ANIMAL LIBERATIONISTS / LIBERATORS: These are people who rescue animals from situations where they are suffering. Their concern is not whether their actions are lawful, only that they remove the animal from the abusive situation where it is suffering.

ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMISTS: Extremists are very rare, but in the past have used violence to attempt to deter people who cause animal suffering, from continuing to do so.

They may also have wished for the the animal abusers to “have a taste of their own medicine”. As animals have the capacity to suffer like humans, some people see this as justice being done to people that the law protects.

Many people believe that the law is far too lenient on animal abusers who break the law. The law being woefully inadequate is what many people believe drives vigilantes to act.

Such people are willing to go to prison to protect animals from abuse.


Animal rights: The belief that animals should have the same protection from abuse that humans have – since they suffer like humans – and not be used or exploited for human gain.

Animal welfare: Concerned with improving and upholding standards for exploited animals used for human gain.

It is common for animal rights campaigners to also support animal welfare, as animal welfare is better than nothing.


Some people mistakenly immediately associate the term “animal rights” with extremism, violence and terrorism.

In fact, the vast majority of people who believe in animals having rights are not extremists or terrorists. They are the most gentle, sensitive, compassionate and empathetic of  people, who believe in non-violence towards all animal species, including humans.

Another misconception is believing that animal rights supporters think animals should have more rights than humans, and that animals’ rights should be put above peoples’ rights.

This is also untrue. Firstly, humans are a species of animal, and most animal rights supporters feel that other species of animals should have the same rights and protection. After all, we know that other species of animals have the ability to, among other things, suffer stress, pain & fear like humans, as well as form bonds and friendships, and feel grief like humans.

Many animal rights supporters are also campaigners for human rights

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Below: Rescue dog owner Tyler with Honey, from Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, a no kill rescue in Athabasca, Alberta, also known as SCARS (www.scarscare.org).
Tyler says of Honey “what a fabulous dog she is. We couldn’t ask for a better-tempered or lovelier dog!”

Rescue dog and owner on animal-rights-action.com
Rescue dog and owner

“Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.” ~Sri Aurobindo


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