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In The News
Fayetteville Observer
RALEIGH – An animal rights organization released a video on Monday alleging that workers have illegally abused chickens in the Mountaire Farms poultry processing plant in Robeson County about 30 minutes south of Fayetteville. The video was also made …
“We’re seeing workers who are punching birds and throwing birds around,” said Erica Meier with the animal rights group Compassion Over Killing. “There are sick and injured birds who are pulled out of the slaughter line and dumped onto a dead pile that …
Kansas City Star
Merriam-based Seaboard Foods has fired seven workers in response toanimal cruelty investigations at its pig farms. The company said it conducted internal investigations after Mercy for Animals, a nonprofitanimal rights group, took undercover video in …
Merced Sun-Star
Karen Eldridge, 53, of Merced holds a sign with a picture of Lucious, a 1-year-old husky who was attacked by two men with machetes on Friday, during a rally against animal cruelty at G Street and Olive Avenue in Merced on Saturday. The rally comes
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