Bush Meat was originally defined as the hunting and killing of all types of wild animals in West and Central Africa, Asia and the humid tropics of the Americas.

The meat trade is an illegal activity that takes place on a daily basis. Wildlife is indiscriminately hunted for criminal profits, irrespective of whether they are endangered or not.

Wild animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, tigers etc., are all classed as bush meat.

This part of Animal Rights Action will look at the following elements of bush meat:

  1. Illegal Dog Meat Trade across Thailand and Vietnam
  2. What happens to Dogs and cats in China
  3. The Bush Meat trade in Africa

The Bush Meat trade is sickeningly brutal and cruel. I for one am disgusted that this still goes on in today's society. It must be stopped!

The Table of Contents below allows you to jump to the section of this page that is of interest to you. I would personally advise you read it all.

table of contents

  1. Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Asia
  2. The plight of Dogs and Cats in China
  3. What is happening in Africa
  4. How Can I Help End The Bush Meat Trade?

Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Asia

The illegal dog meat trade is the ultimate betrayal of mans best friend! Southeast Asia's illegal dog meat trade is on the rise. It is a multi-million dollar industry run by criminals of the worst kind.

In Thailand crime lords arrange the capture of at least 30 000 stray dogs every month for exportation into Vietnam, via Laos and the illegal river borders, where the taste for bush meat, particularly dog meat, runs high.

Thai society frowns upon this activity, however, killing dogs, no matter how brutally, carries no legal penalty.

Wild dogs are corralled and forced into wire cages for export to Vietnam. They are graded by size as different sized dogs are worth different amounts. How they can look at a defenceless animal in this way is beyond me!

Below: Illegal Bush Meat Dogs Captured and Transported
To Their Brutal Deaths

Bush Meat Dogs Illegally transported

The criminal traffickers responsible for this have grown wealthy by dealing with their society's 'canine pests'. Although illegal, local police and politicians turn a blind eye to what goes on.

The poor dogs are treated appallingly. Angry dogs are subdued by being battered with pieces of wood. They are crammed into wired cages 10 deep and never fed or watered during their journey to Vietnam.

There is no mistaken the illegal dog meat cargo; the stink of fur, faeces, urine and petrified animal evident.

In Vietnam, the butchers will further brutalise the dogs so they die whilst scared out of their wits. Some believe this offers the consumers health benefits.

Clearly this is untrue. If anything they will catch diseases eating such meat.

An article on Blogtactic website (Opens New Window) carries a quote from Baan Pehng's Mayor:

"Society says those who trade dogs are low-life's. But I’m a politician and I say it’s an honest business.
It’s like selling garbage to foreigners for a profit."

The attitude of politicians is of not great surprise, especially as they are profiting from the illegal dog meat trade to fund their election campaigns. Corruption is rife. Rotten to the core!!

At least 1000 dogs are trafficked into Vietnam EVERY DAY. At $10 per dog, that's $3.6 million per year for the traffickers.

Below: A Dog Being Prepared For Consumption in Vietnam

A Dog Being Prepared For Consumption in Vietnam

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The plight of Dogs
and Cats in China

The treatment of Dogs and Cats in China cannot be ignored. In Yulin, Eastern China, more than 15 000 dogs were slaughtered to feed visitors to a food festival.

As in Thailand and Vietnam, they are captured, brutalised, transported, brutalised, then killed in the most horrid ways.

Below: A Dog Carcass Being Prepared in Beijing

Bush Meat Dogs Carcass Beijing

China also has a booming puppy meat trade, where thousands meet the most horrifying end by getting boiled alive or clubbed to death:

Below: Puppy About to Be Beaten To Death
After Witnessing What Happened To 3 Other Puppies

Puppy About to Be Beaten To Death After Witnessing What Happened To 3 Other Puppies

In Guangzhou, an enormous amount of animals are eaten. Consumers eat what is known as Boil Alive Cat

This is where cats are beaten around the head to shut them up, then thrown into a pot of boiling water whilst still alive. They are retrieved then skinned, alive.

It is heart-breaking to witness:

Below: Bush Meat Cat In China About To Be Boiled Alive

Bush Meat Cat In China About To Be Boiled Alive

Guangzhou consumes over 10,000 cats a day!

Monkeys such as the ones captured below are still commonplace on the meat stalls of China's markets.

If you would like to learn more about the cat and dog meat trade, click here.

Below: Terrified Monkeys Transported To Their Deaths

Terrified Monkeys Transported To Their Deaths

A variety of other animals appear on the market stalls, including bears, macaques, pangolins, rare birds, and reptiles.

Some of these butchered animals still have the bullet holes in their heads. Many have their throats cut! One can only imagine the pain and terror.

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style="color:#A577C7"What is happening in Africa

The consumption of illegal bush meat is remarkably dangerous, with viruses such as Ebola and AIDS rife. However, even these risks do not prevent the brutal murder of endangered species.

Below: Slaughtered Wildlife Animals In Gabon Africa

Slaughtered Wildlife Animals In Gabon Africa

Up to 3.4 million tonnes is taken from the Congo Basin alone - estimated at 6 times the sustainable rate. $150 million dollar 'industry' in the Ivory Coast alone!

These shocking figures really do hit home just how many animals are being illegally poached across the planet, and therefore how many animals are being murdered, and as we have seen, murdered in such horrific ways.

In Africa, Antelopes are the most sought after animal. Chimpanzees, Gorillas and other Monkeys, Rhinos, Hippos, Elephants and Buffalos are also caught for consumption.

In Kenya it is not different. Thousands of snares are illegally laid in protected ranges and game areas by poachers:

Below: Monkey Captured In a Snare In Africa

Busht Meat Monkey Captured In Snare In Africa

The following short video shows the carcasses of wildlife being illegally transported from the jungles of Cameroon to the markets. Look at how many bags are being dropped off the train. It's shocking.

The Bushmeat-Campaign.Net website (Opens New Window) lists endangered species as a result of the bush meat trade.

Below: A Monkey Being Cooked

A Monkey Being Cooked

Below: Meat from the Congo's Kinshasa Market

Meat from the Congo's Kinshasa Market

Another consequence to this barbaric act when entire families of monkeys are hunted down and murdered, quite often the traumatized babies are sold as exotic pets:

Below: Bush Meat Monkey To Be Sold As An Exotic Pet

Bush Meat Monkey To Be Sold As An Exotic Pet

The orphaned monkeys are usually treated appallingly. They are often isolated, abused and are vulnerable to painful diseases.

Gorillas In The Mist

The 1988 movie, "Gorillas In The Mist", starring Sigourney Weaver, tells the true story of the scientist Dian Fossey who went to The Congo region of Africa and spent years living with mountain gorillas, trying to protect them from being hunted to extinction by poachers.

The full extent of blood curdling, merciless violence of true events were not portrayed in the film because it would have been too difficult for most people to watch. Showing a dramatically toned down version of events meant the film was able to reach a wider audience.

As heart breaking as the movie is, the reality of the merciless violence is much worse. In the film, as in reality, the poachers thought nothing of taking human life as well as animal to get what they wanted.

Below: Sigourney Weaver portraying Dian
Fossey in Gorillas In The Mist

Bush Meat Gorillas in the Mist Diana Fossey Played By Sigourney Weaver

The meat is processed by poachers - stripped and hung up to dry for several days before being taken to market. Can you imagine seeing this everyday?

Below: Illegally Poached Wildlife Being Processed

Bush Meat Being Processe

Fortunately, there are organisations who actively capture poachers. In the image below, a poacher is captured red-handed, with the snares they use to trap animals, causing them horrific suffering and a slow, agonising death!

Below: Bush Meat Poacher Captured With Cruel Wire Snares

Bush Meat Poacher Captured With Wire Snares

The mural below is an excellent depiction of what happens in the jungle on a daily basis:

Below: Bush Meat

Bush Meat Mural

Want to know more about the trade? This Website (Opens New Window) is an excellent source of information, as is this one (Opens New Window).

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How Can I Help End
The Bush Meat Trade?

Only by turning your anguish at animal abuse in to action will you help change things for animals. To say many different ways to do this, see the Help Stop Animal Cruelty & Suffering section of the website. There, you will find the tools you need to make a difference.


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