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1). If you have seen animals / an animal that you think is being neglected / abused / kept in bad conditions / treated cruelly – what should you do?

In a case like this, the best thing to do is get the address of where the animal in question is, then find out which animal welfare/rights/rescue organisations cover that area, by searching on a search engine (preferably a charity search engine!)

IF THERE IS NO DANGER POSED TO YOU by taking photographs / video as evidence, also do this.

Contact the local animal charity or organisation covering the area, with your information.

2). If you are doing a project or paper about animal cruelty, and / or how to help stop it, please have a look at the areas you may be interested in,here.

Alternatively, for research about:
Animal cruelty, choose this option.
How to stop animal cruelty, choose
this option.
Animal abandonment and rescue, choose this option.

3). If you see animal cruelty being promoted online, such as in the form of pictures or videos, it is best not to ask the website to take down the evidence, as then it is lost. Instead, it is best to follow the instructions on this page.

Special Thanks:

Without help, I would not be able to run this website, or do some of the good I do for animals. I am proud to say I have a brand new site launching very soon, I am really excited about this, and look forward the the difference we are able to make for animal rights. I would like to thank:

PMC Telecom
Kitchen reviews direct

These companies/ their owners, either directly or indirectly contributed to the ongoing site costs, and redevelopment costs of the new website (aidanimals) which were unavoidable.

indexsy & Raleigh Digital – for working at massively reduced fees/for free to get the new site up to speed.



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