Compassionate people tend to choose cruelty free shopping to
help end animal cruelty & suffering. You can help by only purchasing
products that were produced without harming any

On this page are links to cruelty free shopping website pages where you can
find out which companies and brands cruelly test on animals and which do not.

This page also exposes companies who think it is acceptable to sponsor animal cruelty at events and companies who willingly transport innocent animal victims to their heart breaking existence of torture then death.

This page will help you find out who you can buy cruelty free shopping from, which brands are animal friendly, and equip you with the knowledge to be an all round caring consumer. 

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The Animal Testing Law In Europe

of March 11 2013, the European Union has made it illegal to sell cosmetic products within Europe that have been tested
on animals, or that have been made with ingredients tested on animals. They cannot have been tested on animals in or outside of Europe. 

This law will save billions of innocent animals from a life of excruciating and unjustified torture.

However, this only applies in Europe, and no doubt companies will try to get around these regulations – they tried their hardest to get the ban postponed for years longer.

These companies have not chosen to stop testing on animals, they have been forced. They do not deserve our money when there were plenty of companies CHOOSING to provide us with cruelty free shopping before the ban. See the “Quick Guide To Cruelty Free Shopping” section on this page.

It is a concern that this law may be ignored in certain countries. This is because other European laws are flouted in certain EU countries. They are corrupt and do not enforce the laws, especially when they concern the welfare of animals (see cruel animal overpopulation controls as an example).

Update April 2013: It is not surprising that I update with a heavy heart to say there are loopholes in this law that Companies are exploiting.

Unfortunately products containing ingredients tested on animals are STILL being sold in every Eurpoean Country, by any Company that wants to do it (probably the same ones as before!).

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Animal Experimentation

Companies can harm animals by testing the ingredients they put in their
products on them. This causes a huge amount of pain and suffering to
millions of animals for their entire lives until they are killed.

method of testing is outdated, unreliable, unsafe and unnecessary,
especially for luxury items such as cosmetics.

These companies
can also put misleading information about not testing on animals on
their packaging. For example, products that say “This product is not
tested on animals” do not mean the ingredients were not tested on
animals, just that the finished product was not.

Also, if the product says
something like “We do not test on animals”, that can mean that they
outsource the testing and other companies do it for them.

These, and
other statements, can be used to mislead consumers in to thinking they
are buying cruelty free shopping when they are not.

Caring consumers who would like more information about animal testing may be interested in the animal experimentation page.

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Slaughtered Animals, Factory Farmed Animals And Animal Derived Products

Buying any goods that have products or ingredients in them that are
derived from animals involve animal cruelty and suffering at some level.

For instance, in the egg industry, millions of male chicks are
thrown in to grinding machines and ground up alive, just for being born
male and being no use for egg laying. In other instances they have commonly been left to freeze to death outside, thrown in to bins alive to die, and all manor of cruel and heartless methods of disposal.

Another way of killing
chicks unsuitable for egg producing is to suffocate them in a
chamber. As they are dying they are terrified and desperately gasping
for air.

The sad fact is
that buying these products is funding these horrifying acts of cruelty
and many others. Money is all the industry care about and only by doing
cruelty free shopping, and protesting by shutting your purse to the
cruel industries, will they listen and stop treating animals in these
horrific ways.

To learn more about what else happens in the meat and farming industry, see the factory farming and the From Farm To Slaughter House pages. There is much that the meat industry would rather you did not know.

Below: Cruelty Free Shopping – Male chicks are of no value to the egg industry, so are
heartlessly thrown in to grinding / mincing machines alive to be ground

Cruelty Free Shopping: chicks are ground up alive in grinding machine, suffocated or thrown in bin alive to die

A way of making sure your eggs are cruelty free is by adopting battery
hens to lay fresh eggs for you. You will be rescuing the hens from being
killed after a life of utter hell, trapped in tiny cages, unable to
spread their wings or perform any behaviour natural to them.

No wonder
the poor birds are driven mad and to harmful behaviour. For more
information, see the factory farming page.

you have no room for ex-battery hens, source somebody who has adopted
them and do your cruelty free shopping of eggs through them.

You could alternatively sponsor ex-battery hen through a rescue and ask if you could get your eggs from them.

There are also egg replacement products, including The Vegg (Opens New Window), vegan egg yolk made of plant based ingredients.

Below: Cruelty Free Shopping – Battery farm hens often end up unhealthily featherless.
They spend their entire lives in tiny cages like the one above right.
The only time they leave that cage is when it is time to face the terror
and agony of slaughter. Rescuing battery hens allows them to live part
of their lives without suffering, and allows you to be provided with
eggs without inadvertently funding the unimaginable suffering of male

Cruelty Free Shopping: battery hens spend their lives in these tiny cages and often end up bald

Skin sliced from the bodies of animals goes in to covering one leather
sofa. The softer the leather, the younger the animal it has been sliced

Buying an imitation / faux leather sofa, means that your sofa
gives you the same wipeable and comfortable qualities as a leather one,
but without animals having suffered terribly for it.

footwear and other fashion, innocent animals go through horrific
suffering so people can wear body parts of theirs. This is senseless
when there are cruelty free shopping alternatives that often cost less.

Rather than drawing looks of admiration and envy from people, wearing
animal parts are more likely to get people looks of horror and disgust.
This is especially true if you are wearing fur, as the vast majority of
the time, innocent animals are skinned ALIVE for their fur.

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Puppy Mills, Pet Shops
And Back Yard Breeders

When considering getting a dog or cat, only ever consider adopting to
save innocent animals’ lives, as buying, adds to the death toll.

Millions of innocent, healthy animals, of all ages, are put to death
every year, through no fault of their own. They are often abandoned by
irresponsible owners and people whose circumstances have unexpectedly
changed, making it impossible for them to continue caring for their pet.
These abandoned pets often end up in shelters where only a fraction make it out alive.

is because instead of adopting these abandoned pets and saving their
lives, people instead encourage new pets to be bred by buying millions
of newly bred animals every year.

Many people buy puppies from pet shops, which are supplied by incredibly cruel puppy farms.
Puppy farms, or puppy mills as they are often called, are responsible
for a huge amount of suffering to dogs. If people did not fund them,
they would not operate.

This would not only save many dogs from
suffering because of puppy mills, but it would also cause there to be
fewer innocent dogs being put to death at shelters.

When looking
for cruelty free shopping such as animal care products and accessories,
it is most ethical to support pet shops that do not sell animals, but
instead encourage customers to adopt pets from animal rescues.

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Why Avoid Products From Countries With Poor Animal Welfare Standards?

There are some countries where animals are treated particularly
cruelly. In these countries there are no laws to protect animals from
cruelty, or the laws do so are not enforced. Many people in such
countries do not have compassion for animals and do not feel there is
anything wrong in treating them badly and then killing them in terribly
inhumane ways.

To show these countries their disgust at this,
many people refuse to buy any products made in those countries. They
refuse to contribute their money to the economy of countries that allow
animals to be treated so badly.

An example of such a country is
China. To see why people who buy cruelty free shopping boycott Chinese
products, see these pages:

The Cat & Dog Meat Trade

Fur Farming

Animal Cruelty & Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Why Avoid Products
Containing Palm Oil?

Orangutangs habitat in the forests of Sumatra and Borneo is constantly
being cut down or burned so massive palm oil plantations/farms can be

Because their home and source of food is taken away,
starving Orangutangs have no choice but to look for food in the
plantations, where their homes used to be. They are then shot by the
farmers. These animals are sensitive and loving to one another and
suffer greatly.

Orphaned baby Orangutangs are often abducted, sold, and cruelly kept chained up for life as pets and status symbols.

only way to stop all this happening is to drastically reduce demand for
palm oil – by refusing to buy products containing it. If we don’t,
Orangutangs will very soon be extinct.

When doing your cruelty free shopping, look out for Palm Oil in the ingredients of food and cosmetic products.

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Quick Guide To Cruelty Free Shopping

When it comes to animal testing, it is difficult to remember the
numerous products that are tested on animals. It is easier to remember,
(or note down and take shopping), the main companies who undertake
animal testing. (After all, the money from all their products goes to
them and funds their animal testing practices). Then you can just check
the small print on the back of the brands in the shops to see if they
are owned by those unethical companies.

Companies that DO undertake animal testing & did before the EU ban:


products owned by companies tested on animals are often the most well
known products, because these companies spend a fortune advertising
them. They basically then charge the consumer for the cost of this
advertising. That is the main reason these products cost so much more.
The companies would have you believe that the higher cost is because
their product is better, but many shops produce their own brand version
of the products that have been proven to do the job just as well, and
charge a lot less money.

Shop OWN BRANDS that DO NOT test on animals, and chose not to BEFORE the EU ban:

CO-OP, SUPERDRUG, M&S, ALDI, NISA, NEXT, ARGOS, SAINSBURYS (toiletries only), SOMERFIELD (toiletries only), WAITROSE (toiletries only), TESCO (although in Asian countries Tesco do sell live animals to be boiled alive by consumers).

Just a few brands that do NOT test on animals, and chose not to BEFORE the EU ban:


Below: Cruelty free shopping flyer for UK. If you do not want your money
to go to funding cruel animal experimentation, check in the small print
on the backs of products to make sure the brands are not owned by the
following animal testing companies. They are still allowed to sell products tested on animals anywhere outside of Europe and continue to do so, despite being forced not to in Europe. You can go to their websites to
see the full list of brands owned by them:
Proctor & Gamble:
Reckitt Benckiser:
PZ Cussons:

Cruelty free shopping flyer. If you do not want your money to go to funding cruel animal experimentation, check in the small print on the backs of products to make sure the brands are not owned by the following animal testing companies. You can also go to their websites to see the full list of brands owned by them

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Find Out Online Which Brands And Companies Are Cruelty Free

Below are links that will take you to websites pages telling you which
brands and companies are considered to be cruelty free, and which are

Go Cruelty Free (Opens New Window)
cruelty free shopping list of brands / companies above is based on
whether the product itself or its ingredients are tested on animals,
rather than if the company who owns the product tests on animals. The
list also includes non-vegan products,but there is an option to search
for products approved by the vegan or vegetarian societies.

Uncaged Cruelty Free (Opens New Window)
cruelty free shopping list above encourages consumers to avoid shopping
with companies known to test on animals, even if some of the products
they own are not tested on animals. This is because the money goes to
the animal testing company. Consumers are also encouraged to avoid
non-vegan products in order to lessen animal suffering.

Peta Cruelty Free Approved/Unapproved Lists (Opens New Window)
above cruelty free shopping list marks vegan products and companies
with a yellow ‘V’ symbol. Products/companies marked with a diamond have
temporarily suspended animal testing – please encourage them to make it
permanent by contacting them. Companies on the ‘Do Test’ list test on
animals or pay a laboratory to do so.

Something to avoid in
general is bleach. It causes enormous suffering to wildlife, such a
frogs, when it contaminates the environment. There are products that are
just as effective regarding killing germs and cleaning, but do not
cause such suffering.

Cruelty Free Products Online

You are not limited to what your local shops have to offer in the way of
cruelty free shopping, as there is a whole world of internet shopping
to be explored.

Goodness Direct
(Opens New Window) is just one of many online retailers where you can find many cruelty
free food and non-food products. You can select what products you would
like to browse on their site, for instance, vegetarian or vegan products
only, buy going to “My Options” at the top right hand side of the site.

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Corporate Sponsors Of Cruelty

Further more, there are companies you may want to avoid because they
sponsor events that involve cruelty to animals. These events involve
terrible animal suffering and death. Yet many people think these events
are fun because of the image they like to convey.

To learn the truth about the cruelty being Rodeos, please see this link:
Rodeo Cruelty (Opens New Window)

The following companies support rodeo cruelty:

American Airlines
Cheyenne Regional medical Centre
Hotels (This company went back on its word of agreeing to stop
sponsoring animal cruelty and suffering after being shown evidence)
Southwest Airlines
Bank of America
Jack Daniels

Among other companies, Heineken supports the cruelty of Bullfighting.

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Transporters Of Primates For The Animal Experimentation Industry

Although a number of airlines have stopped transporting primates for
the vivisection industry as a result of animal rights activists
bombarding them with emails, phone calls and letters, some still do do.

primates are trapped in the wild and cruelly ripped from their family
groups, whilst others are bred in captivity and confined on large-scale
farms. During their shipment to laboratories, these individuals suffer
greatly and some die.

Some have to be put to death on arrival
after suffering illness brought on by the conditions and trauma of being
shipped. The primates are shipped all over the world, kept in very
cramped conditions with poor ventilation in wildly fluctuating
temperatures for many hours.

The ones that survive the ordeal have a life of misery and torture ahead of them, being experimented
on in a research lab. This is their life until they die from the
torture or are put to death because they are “spent” and no longer of

Refusing to use the following airlines, and letting them
know why you will not use them, will help the fight against animal

Air China

41 Grosvenor Gardens, London,
SW1WAND/OR9th Floor, Blue Sky Mansion, 28 Tianzhu Road, Zone A, Tianzhu
Airport Industrial Shunyi District, Beijing, ChinaFax: +44 (0)20 8897

Air France

Plesman House, Cains Lane, Feltham TW14 9RLFax: +44 (0) 208 750
8495Email: customer-service.LHR@klmcargo.comAND/OR45, rue de Paris, 95
747 Roissy CDG Cedex, Paris, FranceFax :+33 1 41 56 70 29

China Eastern Airlines

George Street, London, W1U 3QDAND/OR2550 Hong Qiao Road, Shanghai,
Shanghai Province 200335, ChinaFax: +44 (0)20 8759

China Southern Airlines

Wan’geng, President, Guangzhou Airport, Airport Road 278, Guangzhou
510406, Guang Dong Province, ChinaEmail: and

Continental Airlines

Beulah Court,
Albert Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7HPAND/ORContinental Centre, 1600 Smith
Street, Houston, Texas 77002, United StatesFax: +44 (0)1293
567122Email: and

Philippine Airlines

Communications Department, 3F Mezzanine, PNB Financial Centre,
President Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, CCP Complex, Pasay City,

Vietnam Airlines

Lower Grosvenor Place, London SW1 0ENAND/OR200 Nguyen Son Street, Long
Bien District, Hanoi, VietnamFax: +44 (0) 20 3263 2064Email:

TAM Linhas Aéreas (Brazil’s and Latin America’s largest airline)

Chief Executive Officer and President, TAM Linhas Aéreas, Av Jurandir, 856 – Lote 4 (Jardim Ceci), Sao Paulo 04072 – 000, Brazil



airline or ferry company you consider using, it is best to ask them to
clarify what their policy is with regards to transporting animals for
experimentation or research, before you book.

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Countries Cruel To Animals

To protest against countries that are particularly cruel in their
actions towards animals, refusing to support their tourism industry is
an effective measure, as is refusing to buy products made in such countries. This way, you are protesting against their treatment of animals by personally refusing to contribute to their economy in any way.

To read about some countries that are cruel to animals in various ways, see the following pages:

Cruel Animal Overpopulation Controls & Attitudes

Spanish Festivals Of Animal Torture & Other Cruel Traditions

The Cat & Dog Meat Trade

Chinese Medicine & Animal Cruelty

The Ivory Trade

The Illegal Bush Meat Trade

You will also find more information by browsing the Types Of Animal Cruelty section of this website.


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