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Animal crush videos feature live animals, such as kittens, puppies, mice and rabbits being slowly tortured in the most horrific and painful ways imaginable.

They are burned alive, cut with pruning sheers, nailed to the floor, skinned alive, beaten, stabbed, their eyes poked out, and most often, they have their limbs crushed and broken - whatever will cause them to scream with agony the most for the longest time.

In the majority of these videos, the animals are crushed by scantily clad women in high heels. The sick and twisted individuals who purchase these videos, or pay to view them online, do so for sexual gratification, and the industry is growing in popularity throughout the world.

These people often do not stop at animals and can escalate to sexual violence towards children and other humans.

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  1. What Happens In These Crush Videos?
  2. Who Buys These Videos?
  3. Hard Crush & Soft Crush
  4. Where Do They Get The Animals?
  5. Legal Status
  6. Applying the Law
  7. The Best Way To Report Crush Films Seen Online
  8. How Else To Help

What Happens In These Crush Videos?

A couple in Philippines were sentenced to life imprisonment for child and animal abuse after producing "fetish" crush videos featuring scantily clad girls, as young as 12 years old, skinning a dog alive and burning another with a clothes iron, cutting off rabbits’ ears and setting the rabbits on fire while they flailed and screamed, hitting a monkey in the eye with the sharp end of a stiletto heel, and crushing puppies until they vomited their own internal organs.

The couple was arrested in 2011 after animal rights organisation, Peta, and the National Bureau of Investigation conducted a probe on the investigation.

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The image below is a still from a crush video. It depicts dogs chained up and being stood on. I really can't bring myself to watch any of the videos,

***WARNING: Graphic content***

Crush videos: Sickening stills from crush videos.

Crush Videos: Dogs Being Crushed

Who Buys These Videos?

These videos are being bought by sexual fetishists from Australia, France, Korea, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the United States over the Internet, reports Peta.

Such crush video's are available online if anyone looks in the 'right' places, and on the black market, for around $60. This 'industry' generates hundreds of thousands of pounds a year!

The films are about 20 minutes long. The woman dishing out the torture is filmed from the legs down and inflicts slow torture by breaking the animals bones, slashing them open with Sharpe stilettos, poking their eyes out and other horrendous acts of wanton cruelty and violence.

The videos' end by the animals being crushed to death beneath the stiletto or by being sat on.

It causes the animals an agonizing death of prolonged suffering, beyond what you or I could imagine.

***WARNING: Graphic content***

An Innocent Kitten Being Prepared to be Crushed and having its eye crushed in to its skull with a high heel

Crush Videos: Innocent Kitten Getting Prepared To Be Crushed

Innocent Kitten Getting Crushed

I will quote from another page I read whilst researching this page:

"This kind of abuse puts a black face on humanity [...] These animals suffer fear, confusion, and horrible pain at the hands of these vile people. The ones who watch and obtain sexual gratification are just as culpable because they drive the demand. We should never turn our backs to any kind of torture, murder, and abuse."

Source: Yahoo Voices

I couldn't agree with this statement more. These sick people need to be stopped NOW!

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Hard Crush & Soft Crush

The sick people who produce, participate and watch these porn films have terms to describe the torture they inflict on certain classes of animals. for example:

  • Hard Crush are videos where larger animals are crushed to death for sexual gratification. Larger animals include Birds, Reptiles and Mammals
  • Soft Crush are videos where smaller animals are crushed to death. For example invertebrates

These obscene acts have been happening for many years. Unfortunately the downside of the Internet and Social Media means it is impossible to stop the visibility and publication of such acts, that even children can easily view with the click of a mouse.

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Where Do They Get The Animals?

They get the animals for these animal crush videos from different places. Sometimes they buy from pet shops and breeders who do not do background checks or follow up checks on who the animals have gone to. Sometimes they steal peoples pets and they also acquire them from 'free to good home' adverts, or adverts where owners are selling their pets, believing they will go to a good home. They can also sometimes breed their own.

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Legal Status

The Legal Status of Crush Video's varies by region, but more shockingly, by animal category!

The production or trade of these sick video's depicting Vertebrate (Animals with a backbone) is illegal in many countries such as the UK and the USA. Unfortunately it is not illegal in all countries!

In the US there were lots of legal arguments about things like exceptions to the illegal status of such video's. For example, there was an argument about how such video's should be exempt from prosecution if they were produced for religious or artistic value.

Of course that was a stupid argument and in 2010 the bill was signed by President Obama confirming the criminalisation of such videos.

The most shocking discovery of all is the fact that there are no laws protecting Invertebrates (Animals without a backbone) from Animal Snuff Videos!

Despite the ruling in the US, the nature of the Internet makes ending crush videos very difficult. There are lots of technical tricks online which blur the application of the law and also makes tracking these monsters so difficult.

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Applying the Law

In 2002 the UK recorded its first crush video case. A man and 3 women from the Stoke-on-Trent area pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges and conspiracy to publish obscene material.

They were making making videos of animals being tortured and killed.

Craig Chapman, 27, Christine Besford, 25, Sarah Cooke, 21, and Theraza Smallwood, 22, pleaded guilty to crushing a kitten, a guinea pig and a number of mice

I don't know what sentence they received, but I hope it was a long one. Lets not forget this is the type of thing they were doing:

***WARNING: Graphic content***

Below: The remains of baby rabbits, after enduring unimaginable torture.

The Remains Of A Baby Rabbit

The prosecution rate in the USA for producing these videos is still low today.

The quote below from the Guardian Newspaper shows what lengths the producers will go to - to make money:

"An undercover investigator who managed to penetrate a ring was asked to crush a dog and was given step-by-step instructions on how to carry out torture that would last 90 minutes before the animal actually died, in order to produce a 'feature length' film that could be sold for a higher price"

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The Best Way To Report
Crush Films Seen Online

As with all evidence of animal cruelty uploaded on the Internet, it is important to report crush videos shown on the web to the correct place instead of complaining to the website.

This is so the evidence can be investigated with an aim to prosecutions being brought. Many people complain to the website, not realising that if the video evidence is taken off the website, there is no longer the evidence available to have them prosecuted.

Please see how to report videos showing animal cruelty you see on the web, including in crush films, on this page: Online Animal Cruelty Videos: The best Way To Report Them.

Other things you can do to help stop this cruelty include:

  • Check what you are about to watch. Do not contribute to the viewing figures. Stop watching the video when you realise it is a crush video.
  • Download the video to your computer (so you have a copy of the evidence in case it is removed from the website) and send it with the URL to or DO NOT complain to the website.
  • If such a video is linked to a social networking site such as My Space or Facebook, only alert the Website Support team after you have alerted the proper authorities and provided them with all the information they need to investigate. Otherwise, once the evidence is removed from the website, they will not be able to investigate.

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How Else To Help

An great organisation to support the campaigns of is Stop Crush. As well as campaigning against the horrific industry of animal crush videos, their website keeps you updated on the latest developments.

Humanity is depraved and animal crush videos are up there with the most sickening things anyone could ever do.

We can all shake our heads and talk about how terrible these acts are, but that will not stop it happening. Only action makes change happen, so turn your anger and outrage in to action! You can find a whole list of different ways you can help animals in the Help Stop Animal Cruelty & Suffering section of this website.


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