In the Asian cat and dog meat trade, millions of dogs and cats are
cruelly and savagely killed by people who believe the more terrified the
animal is before death, the better the meat tastes.

China, and other Asian countries, inflict such an enormous degree of
cruelty on these innocent and gentle animals, it is impossible for us to
comprehend the full extent of the suffering.

Sickening image of dogs being boiled alive and trying to escape! Heartbreaking!!

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Pets Or Food?

Across Asia, animals that would be treasured as pets here, are used in
the cat and dog meat trade. Some are stolen off the streets, whether
they are somebodies pet or a stray.

Others are kept in cruel conditions
as they are farmed for the cat and dog meat industry. Many Chinese
children have never come in to contact with a pet dog and are scared of

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Living Conditions And Transportation

The cats and dogs destined to be made in to cat and dog meat are forced
in to sacks, or in tiny cages, in which they can barely move.

When transported, the cats and dogs go for days without water, slowly
dying of dehydration. The cages are stacked on a the back of a vehicle
and when they reach the destination where they will be brutally killed,
they are roughly thrown to the ground from the back of the vehicle.

injures the cats and dogs and breaks their bones. They receive no
treatment and are left in an enormous amount of pain.

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Belief: The More The Animal Suffers, The Better The Meat Tastes

Their pain only gets worse when each dog or cat is dragged from it’s
cage and beaten. This may be to tenderise the meat, or to beat the
animal in to submission.

There is a sickening and baseless belief held that the more
terrified and tortured an animal is before death, the better the meat
will taste due to the adrenaline released in to the body.

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Skinned Alive / Boiled Alive / Baked Alive And Other Methods Of Killing

While still alive and fully conscious, and in excruciating pain from
being bludgeoned, the terrified cat or dog can be skinned alive, just
like they are in the Fur Industry.

Cats and dogs can survive through this unimaginably agonising process,
only to be forced in to a vat of boiling water and put through the agony
of then being boiled alive. Some are cooked alive without skinning.

Cats and dogs can also be forced in to large ovens, which they cannot escape from, and are slowly baked to death inside them.

Other methods of killing the cats and dogs include strangling them or
electrocuting them. Whatever method is used, you can be sure it will be a
terrifying and agonising death for these companion animals.

There are no laws in China to protect animals from such incredibly cruel methods of slaughter.

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Increasing Popularity Of
Eating Dogs In China

At one time, cats and dogs were only consumed in certain areas of China.
However, production has increased and the consumption of cat and dog
meat has spread across China.

It is available in supermarkets and
online, and in some Provinces, it is promoted by the Government. Many
people in China fear dogs and have never experienced them as pets.

Some other Asian countries, such as Taiwan and the Philippines have
recently outlawed the eating of dogs. However, the authorities do not
enforce the law, so the trade thrives on the black market.

Find more
information about this on the Illegal Bush Meat Trade page.

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Where Is Dog & Cat Meat Sold?

A lot of cat and dog meat is served in restaurants throughout Asia, and
sold in shops and supermarkets. People can also buy a cat or dog from
markets across Asia.

One such market is Hua Nam wild animal market in
Guangzhous, China, which is where the deadly SARS virus is believed to
have originated.

Market stall holders dislocate or break the front legs of the animal and
force it’s limbs behind it’s back, tying them there. This causes the
cat or dog enormous amounts of pain.

They also force a sharp and jagged tin can over the dog’s muzzle, so it
is completely helpless and has no way of defending itself or escaping.
The jagged tin tears into their skin and causes them more pain.

Some stall holders brutally and inhumanely kill the dog or cat on the
stall, in front of the other dogs who are still alive, in tiny cages.

Other stall holders sell the cats and dogs alive, to be slaughtered by
the buyer.

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Buying Live Dog & Cat Meat

After being purchased alive, the dog or cat is often then dragged to the
buyers home by it’s tail, with all its weight on it’s broken limbs,
tied behind it’s back. The agony is unimaginable.

Once in the buyer’s home, the animal endures a horrifyingly brutal
death. Methods include skinning alive, bludgeoning to death, boiling /
baking alive, stabbing to death, burning alive – any method that will
end in death after the maximum suffering due to the belief that the meat
tastes better the more terrified the animal is, and the more it
suffers, before death.

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Want To Help Stop
The Chinese Dog Eating Festival
The Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival will takes place in the Guangxi province of China each year. 15000 dogs are slaughtered at each festival.  Many dogs are abducted from their
owner’s homes and arrive in trucks at the festival with their collars still on.

The dogs are skinned and boiled alive. Many are hung upside down,  beaten,
then left to slowly bleed to death. They are also killed in front of other dogs to terrify and distress them. This obscene cruelty is all to increase the adrenaline to their muscles. They foolishly believe that the more adreniline that is released in to the terrified and tortured dogs, the more virile the meat will make the consumer of it.

Dogs are treated this way all year round and not just at festival time. The festival is used to promote dog meat.

Animal Rights Activists in Asia
Young Chinese animal rights activists are starting to
take a stand and demanding change from their Government.
They are fighting for animal rights at great personal and financial
expense. Many internet websites are blocked in China,
making it hard for them to raise awareness. They need  the rest of the world to help put pressure on their Government.

In South Korea, last years dog meat festival was cancelled due to pressure from animal rights activists.

Other Animal Cruelty In Asia
The dog meat trade is only one aspect of horrific cruelty animals are routinely subject to in Asia.

Bears are
kept for their whole lives in cages too small to turn around in, and their bile
milked from infected openings cut into their stomach. You can read more about this, as well as other cruelty, on the Chinese Medicines page.

Tiny turtles are sealed into
little bags and sold as living key chains.

Domestic pets and livestock are kept in appalling
conditions at markets. Live chickens, turtles, quails and other birds and
animals are shoved into net bags and left in the baking sun on the sidewalk without
food and water until they are sold, just to be slaughtered in brutally painful ways.

Animals are crammed in to cages for months on end, before being beaten and skinned alive for their fur in the fur industry. They are often injured and left in agony inside the cages.

Want To Help Stop
This & Other Cruelty?

Email campaigns and petitions are a good way to put pressure on Governments, as is staging protests and demonstrations.

You will find those pages in the Help Stop Animal Cruelty and Suffering section of this website, along with many other ways of helping stop animal cruelty and suffering. The many varied ideas do not take
much effort and are totally free, or low cost.

Raising awareness is also helpful, One Sure Insurance often raise awareness via their social media channels, if you own a business or you know some influencial people, ask them to share our plight.

There are things to suit
every personality and you can have great fun doing a good few of them. Everything you do in the Help Stop Animal Cruelty and Suffering section will help animals.
Have a browse and see what you could do.

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