If you feel helpless about not being able to help stop animal cruelty and suffering, do not despair! You can help in numerous ways that you may have never realised. Further down this page, you will see many different ways to help.

Your personal circumstances and personality type do not matter – there is something for everyone. You don’t even have to move from the computer if you don’t want to.

To be most effective in your efforts to help animals, it is advisable to arm yourself with as much knowledge about animal cruelty as possible. You can find information to help with this in the Types Of Animal Crueltysection of this site.

Below: An “I don’t want to know” attitude is commonly displayed by people when it comes to animal cruelty. Because it is an unpleasant subject, it is easier for people to bury their heads in the sand than to do something about it. Sadly this actually helps abusers, allowing them to continue with their abuse unchallenged and unhindered.

Stop animal cruelty - animal rights - it's not my pain so I don't have time for the issue

   “You must be the change you want to see in the world.   ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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It is easy to feel overwhelmed because of how much animal cruelty is happening in the world, even as you read this. However, if none of us bothered doing anything, because we could each only do a little, nothing would ever get changed for animals. When each of us do the little we can,a lot is achieved.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” ~ Edmund Burke

Below: There was a time when the majority of people thought concepts such as the abolition of slavery was a ridiculous and unrealistic idea. As human minds evolve, the cruel exploitation of animals for human gain will one day be seen in the same way issues such as human slavery are seen today: completely wrong.

stop animal cruelty: slaves rights, womens rights, animal rights will come

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Don’t Just Get Angry – Get Active

It is natural to feel angry and upset about the animal cruelty you want to stop. Try to use those feelings to drive you on in the fight to stop the cruelty. Turn your outrage in to action! Being upset, angry and outraged won’t change anything for animals, but action will.

Stop animal cruelty: Don't just be sorry - Do something!

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Can Absolutely Anyone Help?

It does not matter what age you are, if you are an introvert or extravert, whether you don’t have much time or energy to go to much effort, whether you are good with people, animals or prefer your own company, whether you like to stay in or go out – there are ways to help that suit everyone.

Below: Desmond Tutu quote. Showing apathy and indifference when you see injustice means that by default, you choose the side of the person causing the injustice.

Stop Animal Cruelty: Apathy and indifference means injustice will always prevail

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Ways You Can Help Stop Animal Suffering And Cruelty

Doing anything on this list contributes to helping stop animal cruelty and suffering, and the more of the things you do, the more you will be helping. If you can only do a little, don’t ever think it is not worth it – the animals need every little tiny bit of help they can get!
Only Buy Cruelty Free Shopping
Page Description: Make a big contribution to helping stop animal cruelty & suffering by being a cruelty free consumer. Find out which companies are and are not cruelty free by choice, learn what ingredients to avoid to prevent destroying the habitat of wildlife, and find out how else you can be a cruelty free consumer.

Avoid Funding Animal Torture & Death
Page Description: The most effective way to help stop animal cruelty is not to fund it. Most people finance animal torture and death, often without even realising it. Find out if you are inadvertently doing it, and how to avoid it on this page.

Internet Animal Cruelty Videos, Photos & Groups – The Best Way To Report Them
Page Description: There is a lot of evidence of people being cruel to animals on the web. People post videos and pictures of animal abuse online and, disturbingly, some people actually enjoy viewing them. If you see evidence of animal abuse online, this page will tell you what to do in order to get it investigated with the aim of bringing the people responsible to justice.

Get Cross-posting To Save Animals Lives
Save abandoned animals lives by cross-posting / sharing them online, such as on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. Many animals lives are saved this way as it finds them life saving rescue spaces.

Take Part In Campaigns And Petitions
Page Description: Campaigns and petitions can be hugely successful, and a huge amount of animals have been saved from suffering as a result. Find links to email campaigns & petitions on this page, advice about which petitions are most effective & find out how to get petitions automatically filled in, meaning you avoid having to type in your details each time.

Search Through Charity Search Engines
Page Description: Charity search engines donate money to the charity you select every time you use them to search the web. Using them, you can earn money for animal charities without even noticing. Choose the best charity search engines from this page and find out how to make one your home page instead of your current search engine.

Click To Give And Games That Give Sites.
Page Description: While on the web, take a few seconds to visit click to donate websites where you simply click a button to earn money for animal charities. You can also earn money to help animals by playing online bingo, online video/computer games, or through other online activities. This page gives you access to all these.

Have Your Own Internet Fundraising Page
Page Description: You can easily set up an internet fundraising page to help raise funds for animals in desperate need. It is probably most effective to have a fundraising group page on a social networking site such as Facebook. This page has ideas to help you raise funds.

Donate Stuff You Do Not Want
Page Description: To help stop animal cruelty you can donate things in good condition to animal charities that they can sell in their charity shops, at fund raising sales, on online auctions, or use as prizes for things such as tombolas and raffles. You can also donate items animal rescues can use in the care of their animals. Some can even use damaged clothes, fabric scraps, wool and buttons which they recycle into fund raising items.

Donate Cell Phones, Empty Printer Ink Cartridges, Stamps & Carrier Bags
Page Description: By donating cell phones / mobile phones, empty printer ink cartridges, used stamps and carrier bags, you can help animal charities. Find out how to go about it on this page.

Prevent Pet Abuse By Warning Of The Dangers Of Advertising Pets For Re-homing
Page Description: You can help prevent pets being abused & tortured by warning people of the horrifying dangers they are unwittingly putting their pets in by advertising them for re-homing, whether they advertise them free to a good home or for a low amount. Advice also available to give people on safer re-homing.

Peaceful Protest Tactics
Page Description: Protests put pressure on organisations to stop their animal exploitation and abuse, and are commonly successful. Protests also draw attention to animal cruelty issues and gain support from the public. Different protest tactics are explored on this page.

Ebay For Charity
Page Description: You can help stop animal cruelty by using the  “ebay for charity” option on the ebay auction website. There, you can sell used goods or new items where you can choose for between 10% & 100% of the money made to be donated to the animal charity you select. You can also help by buying items sold in aid of animal causes. This page explains how.

Have An Animal Charity Auction / Fixed Price Sale Facebook Page
Page Description: By having its own Facebook auction, an animal charity or rescue can raise funds by having supporters kindly auctioning off items to the highest bidder & donating the proceeds to the animal charity or rescue. These online auctions are a fantastic place to buy gifts for people. Learn about Facebook auctions and fixed price (buy it now) sales, and find links to existing auctions and sales including one that different rescues can approach to raise funds for them.

Do Easy Fundraising For Charity In Your Community
Page Description: There are many easy, low cost ways you can go about fundraising for any animal charity you want. This page explores lots of different fundraising ideas you can do for low cost or no cost.

Sew For Charity, Craft & Knit
Page Description: If you enjoy sewing, knitting, or arts and crafts, you can use your hobby to benefit animals in need.

Recycle Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Gift Tags & Wrapping Paper

Page Description: See how to recycle your old Christmas cards, other greetings cards, gift tags and wrapping paper, into new cards, gift tags  and other creations, and where you can donate and sell them so they help stop animal suffering.
Charity Greetings Cards, Gifts & Products
Page Description: Help struggling animal rescues & charities by buying fundraising greetings cards featuring animals they themselves have helped. Fundraising gifts and goods are also available on this page, which help support the vital work of struggling animal rescues and charities.

Donating a Car
Page Description: By donating a car or other vehicle, whether it is to be scrapped or not, you can help stop animal cruelty. The vehicle will even be collected from you for free. More information on this page.

Buy Charity Gifts And Charity Cards From Online Animal Charity Shops & Auctions
Page Description: Help stop animal cruelty by buying fund raising gifts & cards from animal charity or rescue website shops & auctions for loved ones at Christmas, birthdays & other special occasions. This page has lists of direct links to many online animal charity shops and many online auctions in aid of animal rescues and charities.

Charity Insurance For Pets
Page Description: By taking out pet insurance with companies that donate large amounts to animal charities, you will be protecting yourself and your pet from unexpected vets costs of thousands of pounds, whilst raising money for animal charities at no extra cost to you. Find out on this page which pet insurance companies help animal causes.

Free Tax Donations To Charity & Gift Aid
Page Description: Tax donations are a big help to charities and do not cost you anything extra. There is an option on donation forms to ‘Gift Aid’ your donation. This means you have the option for the tax on your donation to go to the charity rather than the Government. Another way of making sure the charity receives your tax instead of the Government is by donating using ‘Payroll Giving’, where you donate money before it is taxed. More information on this page.

Spay And Neuter Pets – Never Breed
Page Description: To vastly reduce the numerous innocent, unwanted pets being put to death in pounds and some shelters & rescues every single day, it is vital to spay and neuter pets. It also protects your pets from cancers of the reproductive systems. Information on this page includes when you should neuter, the effects of neutering, myths about neutering, low cost neutering available, plus more.

Consider Pet Adoption / Foster Or Sponsor An Animal
Page Description: Information about saving innocent animals lives bysponsoring, fostering or adopting them, and access to pets available to sponsor, foster or adopt at rescues across the UK & US. Also, a look at so called dangerous dogs & overlooked shelter pets, at bad breeders and the heart break they cause, and at the fate animals advertised in free to good home adverts can so easily meet.

Be An Animal Volunteer
Page Description: Being an animal volunteer at a charity or rescue is a huge help to animals in need. Charities and rescues are usually desperate for reliable volunteers. There are often many different roles available – more than many people realise, doing much more varied things. Many of these roles are explored on his page. Have a look to see if any interest you.

Stop Animal Abuse By Raising Awareness

Page Description: A huge number of people do not know how badly animals are abused across the world, or even in their own country. They do not know how many endure this suffering, or how each persons choices in life cause the suffering. You can help stop animal cruelty and suffering by raising awareness of it. You can do this by spreading information on the web, using leaflets, flyers, posters, your voice, displaying messages on your clothing and accessories, and in other ways. See this page for more information.
Be A Fox Hunt Saboteur
Page Description: Fox hunters enjoy causing excruciating pain to foxes by ordering their dogs to chase these terrified animals until they cannot run anymore & then rip them apart, even where it is illegal. Learn on this page how to be a hunt saboteur so you can save foxes from this cruelty. Where it is illegal you can even get fox hunters prosecuted.

Create &/or Update An Animal Rescue Website For A Charity
Page Description: A website is very important for an animal rescue or charity. Any rescue or charity without one is at a distinct disadvantage. Help save many animals lives by creating and updating an animal rescue website for an animal charity or rescue in need of one, for free. Further information is on this page.

Shop Through Fundraising Websites
Page Description: By doing your shopping online through fundraising websites, you can raise money for animal charities. There is no cost to yourself, as the retailer you purchase from makes the donation. Thousands of different well known retailers and are registered with these fundraising sites, as well as thousands of charities. Get access to these fundraising shopping sites, and information about them, through this page.

Adopt A Vegan Diet Or Vegetarian Diet
Page Description: Among other things, this page looks at vegetarian and vegan living. Having a vegan lifestyle is the kindest thing you can do for farm animals, with being a vegetarian coming second, and there are many health benefits, including a reduced risk of cancer.

Include Animal Charities & Rescues In Your Legal Last Will And Testament
Page Description: By including animal charities in your will, you will be safe in the knowledge that you will continue to help stop animal cruelty, even after you have gone. Without such legacies willed to them, animal charities and rescues cannot survive.

Support Non Animal Testing Research Charities
Page Description: Many health research charities use cruel tests on animals, but there are many others that do not. Help stop animal cruelty by only supporting research charities that use alternative methods to animal testing. Find out who does and does not test on animals on this page. You may be surprised!

Help Stop Animal Testing By Donating Redundant Human Tissue
Page Description: You can help reduce animal testing AND increase the safety of new medicines by helping researchers do human specific medical research. This simply involves donation of your redundant body tissue left over from operations/births, etc, or after your death.

Contact Details To Help You Fight Animal Cruelty

Page Description: Here you will find the contact details of some useful organisations that you may find helpful in your fight against animal cruelty & suffering.


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