by Brianna
(New Norfolk TAS (Australia))

This is my cat, Cas. Look how much she loves me!<br>Lets make almost ALL animal be like this towards you.

This is my cat, Cas. Look how much she loves me!
Lets make almost ALL animal be like this towards you.

Hello! I’m Brianna Burke. I’ve wrote a few letters to the government to stop animal abuse. I am 13 years old and I terribly want animal abuse to stop! So, I’ll give YOU ways to stop it.

1: To release and/or free the animals from their tiny, filthy cages and have most of them taken to vet, shelter etc.

2: while the animals are recovering in shelter etc. and maybe you could bulldoze down their factories so there is nothing left to give cruelty to the animals!

3: Ban the selling of the cruelty produced products. And since the meat of the animals could be infected etc. and people sell the meat, AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY EAT IT!! Ech!

And how could be cared for when the animals were harmed so badly and they could be sick from these things like, makeup tests etc. then, people eat the meat.. Ech!!

What do you guys prefer? Animal Friends or dead bodies all over you? And have the germy blood all over you? Things would be much better if you all respect animals instead of hurting your dog then come back to it a while later and have it turn to you!

Go #TeamCas! We’re supporting the ban of animal abuse for our original member, Cas the angel Cat.


Hello Brianna. Many thanks for taking the time to write you own web page and with is obviously a very passionate topic of yours.

I love receiving messages like this of young women (and men) as it gives me hope that the next generation are becoming more aware of what is really going on in the world and are prepared to take a stance to help make it stop.

It is truly awful what is happening to animal around the world – from animal experimentation, circus’ and blood sports, to the wanton cruelty that happens on a daily basis, make my blood boil and toes curl! It must be stopped, and the sooner the better!

I find irony in the fact that so many people purport to be animal lovers, yet don’t think twice about eating a hamburger or a bacon sandwich, even when they know about the cruelty involved in the meat trade.

I agree, Brianna, I would much prefer animal friends over dead bodies any day. If someone is hurting their dog I hope it turns on them. What has the animal got to lose? Would much prefer to see the animal rescued and adopted to a loving family, whilst the perpetrator is prosecuted and jailed, but that rarely happens unfortunately.

Brianna, I’ve removed your home address purely because there are some weird people out there, lurking about the Internet, that do some very odd and disturbing things, when private information is published online. I hope this is OK.

Keep up the good work, Brianna. Try and inform your friends and peers about what is going on. The more (young) people that join the fight the better we will all be!

PS: Love your cat :)

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