by Debbie Kontol
(Schererville in)

My ex-husband who was abusive to me.

One day he pulled me to the car. It was at night. I didn’t see him and what he was about to do. He had the dog in the car and he hated this dog. I still don’t understand why he decided to do this but he had a baseball bat under the seat.

The dog was in the back seat we were in front. He started hitting the dog with the baseball bat! I tried stopping him but he hit me and went back to battering the dog. He just wouldn’t stop!

That will never leave my head. Yes he kill him. I am divorced now but I still would like to see him punished for what he did.


Oh Debbie! What an absolutely awful experience that must have been for you. I just cannot imagine the horror you must have gone through, witnessing such a despicable act of wanton cruelty against your loving pet, perpetrated by your (ex) Husband.

The million dollar question Debbie, is why people do such things. My view is they are simply cruel and mentally unstable. To take your anger and frustrations out on an animal, and of course yourself, is NEVER acceptable, under any circumstances. It appears it could have easily been you on the end of that baseball bat.

My advice would be to speak to your local animal rescue centres about how you can go about bringing your ex Husband to justice. It doesn’t matter when this happened. The fact is it did and he should be brought to justice otherwise it will likely happened again to some other poor, unsuspecting animal, whose only crime was to provide love for their owners.

I would love for you to get in touch and elaborate on your story. What happened afterwards? Had he done anything like this before? What did you do with your dog? Did you bury him/her?

What sickens me about people like him is their lack of conscience. I just can’t imagine not feeling any guilt whatsoever, or being haunted by the screams of an animal as its life is so brutally ended. It really does make by blood boil!

I may be out of order saying this, but I do not feel guilty when scum like this have the same thing done to them as they do to animals. An eye for an eye does have its appeal. I’m sure or I hope at least, they would recognise the error of their ways if they were to taste the hurt, pain and terror the animals they have abused have felt.

Debbie – I hope you are OK now, doing well, and living a happy life away from your ex Husband. Please don’t let you experiences prevent you from living your life to the full and adopting loving animals wanting a good home in the future.

Take care of yourself (and any fur children you adopt in the future of course!)





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